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Fight wear like you have never worn before

100% Hemp Lightweight Gi

Natural fibre fight wear is a thing

natural no gi gear

Check out our stink-proof Natty No Gi gear.

World First Hemp & Organic Cotton Gi

Available for Pre-Order!

Many of you guys have been waiting for a restock of a Natural Gi - and it is on its way.

Less than 100 being made - This beauty is a one-off.

Pre-Order is recommended especially for FEMALE sizing!

Arrival date is August 2024.

Don't Miss Out!

Pre-Order Yours TODAY ...


Doing things different takes time.

Alchemical are breaking the mould with the drop of our Bamboo Ranked Rash Guards.

Numbers are LIMITED!

Get Yours!

Fight Wear that helps you perform at your peak!

Why HEMP is the best choice for Fight Wear:


    Hemp has an increased
    tensile strength
    compared to cotton,
    making the use
    of hemp fabric for
    Gi's a no-brainer.


    No more abrasive Gi jackets.
    Our Gi jacket remains soft and malleable and truly gets better with wear. Not worse.


    Hemp is naturally
    anti-microbial and
    anti-bacterial: when you
    sweat into your hemp gi,
    it resists holding
    onto the bacteria.


    We are
    fully committed
    to making the most
    sustainable choices
    throughout every part
    of the business. ​

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researched, tried & tested by our clinical nutritionist

What our customers are saying

  • “My favourite Gi. Love the fit, super soft and comfortable. The more I wash and dry it, the better it gets. Such a premium product in a sustainable material”

  • “This is the best Gi I have ever had. And the longest lasting too. Amazing, got two of these already. Thanks Alchemical”

    Bruno S.
  • “These Gi's are out of this world! I have bought a black and a natural Gi recently and my mind is blown. They are so comfortable, a must have for someone living in a tropical area. I literally don't even wear my old gear anymore. If you are reading, this is your sign to get one!”

    Luigi R.
  • "Dinie has been such a legend as a professional and as a client of mine. She's been a game changer treating my gut and my health in general. her ideas are totally out of the box and her knowledge blows my mind. If you want to improve your general health or physical performance, Dinie is the Gem to go to."

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